Online Learning Contract Manager

Welcome to the Online Learning Contract Manager.

This online tool is used to manage the submission and approval process for undergraduate independent study learning contracts. The online form includes the same elements as the independent study learning contract paper forms. During the Spring 2018 registration period, the College is piloting the tool for the following departments and courses.

  • Art History: ARTH 293, 396, 595, 691H and 692H
  • Asian Studies: ARAB 496, ASIA 496, CHIN 496, HNUR 496, JAPN 496, KOR 496 and ASIA 691H
  • Computer Science: COMP 293, 393, 495, 496, 691H and 692H
  • Environment and Ecology: ENEC 393, 395, 396, 493, 693H and 694H
  • European Studies: EURO 691H and 692H
  • Geography: GEOG 295, 296, 493, 691H, and 692H
  • Geological Sciences: GEOL 395, 691H, and 692H
  • Global Studies: GLBL 193 and 196
  • Linguistics: LING 395, 495, 496, and 692H
  • Political Science: POLI 193, 395, 396 and 693H
  • Psychology and Neuroscience: PSYC 395
  • Statistics and Operations Research: STOR 493, 496, 691H, 692H

Students: Please be sure to have an initial consultation with a faculty advisor before submitting a learning contract. If you have questions about the process, please contact the department’s independent study coordinator or student services manager. Do not submit a request for courses that are not listed above.

Instructors: Please review the contract carefully. You have the option to make edits and/or recycle the form back to the student. If approved, the form is routed to the department’s independent study coordinator for review and approval.

Independent study coordinators: Some departments have more than one coordinator; in these cases, be sure to review only the contracts for the courses you are responsible for.

Access: Please contact OASIS to request access to OLCM.